Data Security

Colliga cares about ethical and transparent data use

Data Transparency

We never collect data without participants’ explicit consent

Participants must opt-in to provide consent for each data stream collected

We are transparent about what we collect and how it’s used

Participants can request data be deleted at any time by messaging us

Data Security

The security and privacy of users’ data are paramount

We use the latest technologies to ensure the security of data on our platform

Some of our safety measures include: data encryption at rest and in transit, securely caching data on the phone, two-factor authentication, and auto logout

Data for the Public Good

We maintain a free and open data repository to facilitate open science and data sharing

The repository is opt-in only. No one has to share data

If the researcher and participant both opt-in, data will be included in the repository

No identifiable information is included in the repository

Researchers and participants can remove their data at any time by messaging us

We manage your data with transparency, security, and care