Colliga IO

Instantly build and share mobile research studies with our innovative and powerful software tool

Build your study on our web app

Configure study details, visualize data, access protocols developed by other researchers, and share your protocols with the scientific community

Deploy your study on our mobile app

Invite participants to download the app, consent to the study, respond to intervention prompts, and provide data

Unmatched Configurability

Here are just some of the things you can do with Colliga on board

Customize schedules

Set sampling schedules by data stream, role, group, or user
Select start and stop times
Choose fixed or random intervals
Opt for do-not-disturb times

Select multiple locations

Trigger surveys and prompts based on user location
Activate data streams via location
Set immediate or triggered start times
Track time spent at locations

Assign groups and roles

Send surveys and prompts based on roles or groups
Track user proximity and time together
Trigger data collection based on user proximity

Secure your data

Store data on encrypted servers
Store data securely and encrypt in transit
Implement two-factor authentication

Visualize and download

View log details for all data streams
Track adherence rates
Visualize changes over time per group, role, or person
Track consent form status per data stream per person
Export to CSV format

And more!

Navigate between studies
Invite researchers to view or edit
Request notifications for participant actions
Auto-recognize participant languages
Collect data via WiFi, cellular, or offline

Supercharge your research with Colliga