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Innovate in the field of digital health

Latin: You collect

University-industry partnership
Built by scientists for scientists
NIH and NSF grant-funded initiative

So many projects don’t reach their full potential

Building tech for mobile research studies is expensive
Completing mobile apps from scratch can take years
Working with untested developers and contractors is risky
Tech may be low quality, requires extensive testing
Redtape and administrative hurdles can stymie progress

We accelerate your research to improve the science of mobile health

Colliga is a university-industry collaborative initiative funded by NIH and NSF grants

Leverage our tested expertise

Avoid common missteps and pitfalls by leveraging our interdisciplinary expertise to build better research projects, establish credibility, and secure grant funding.

Go farther, faster, cheaper

Don’t start from scratch. Use and build upon our state-of-the-art technology to be at the forefront of mobile behavior research, now. Do more, faster, and for less. 

Let us do the heavy lifting

Don’t get bogged down in tech that doesn’t work, lacks features, and requires endless testing. Let us manage the tech, so you can focus on what matters to you.

Innovating isn’t easy – let’s do it together

As researchers, we observed first-hand the difficulties of building and implementing new mobile research technologies. So, we applied for NIH and NSF grants to launch a university-industry collaborative initiative that would leverage prior work, accelerate progress, promote efficiency, and scale.

Trusted by leading experts and institutions in mobile behavior research

Dr. Sohyun Han

University of Southern California

“Colliga makes it incredibly easy and seamless to collect multiple streams of data across smartphones and wearable sensors. Colliga even sparked new ideas for my study, as it has a wealth of customization options that I hadn’t considered.”

Dr. Theodora Chaspari

Texas A&M University

“Colliga is the best thing that now exists in the market for collecting real-life data. The app is highly reconfigurable, very carefully designed, and provides great functionalities.”

Yehsong Kim, Ph.D. Student

University of Southern California

“Colliga is just what we needed in dealing with the complexities of collecting data from multiple devices. The challenge of collecting health data has been streamlined in this app and saved us so much time and energy in building our protocol.”

Supported by millions of dollars in research funding from NIH and NSF

Featured in national news outlets for our members’ work in mobile health

What We Offer

Ready-to-go Software

For researchers who want to use our ready-made, state-of-the-art, user-friendly software to launch and manage their mobile research study.

Specialized Development

For researchers who want to build out custom features, leveraging our existing software infrastructure, to deploy new tech, faster and for less.

Collaborative Projects

For researchers who want to leverage our expertise as consultants and collaborators to build better projects and secure grant funding.

How It Works

1. Tell us about your project

Meet with us to describe your vision for your project and research program

2. Let us create a custom plan

We create a specialized plan to implement the tech you need to meet your goals

3. Launch your mobile research study

Leverage our tech–launch your project for less, quickly, and without headaches

Our Vision for Research

At Colliga, we know that producing high-quality, impactful research is important to you. To do that, you need access to state-of-the-art software for building and deploying your studies. The problem is that developing new technologies requires time, money, and specialized knowledge, which can be daunting and, at times, frustrating. We believe in accelerating science by removing hurdles and barriers to achieving your goals. We understand the importance of getting your work out there. That’s why we started an interdisciplinary university-industry collaborative initiative to leverage prior advances, promote efficiency, and accelerate progress. Here’s how it works: (1) Meet with us, (2) Build your custom plan, and (3) Start collecting data. Schedule a one-on-one chat with us to learn how we can work together to build your research vision and launch your project today.

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